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I am looking at purchasing a Grizzly 24" G1066Z drum sander and was wondering if anyone has or has used this model or any similar. If you have any suggestions on any other in that price range ($1,900.00) would be helpful. Thank you, Patrick.

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Don't know about the grizzly model but last year I bought a Woodmaster drum sander 38" for $2400. A great machine. The big deal is the way a feeder belt tracks, this one is easy & precise to adjust and stays true. They have smaller models. Let us know what you get!
Hi Jim, I ended up getting the Grizzly. So far it has been working well. There were a couple of minor adjustments that had to be made like notching the lid to clear the table adjustment handle and repositioning the depth gauge. Out of the box it runs good with no adjustment. The reason I purchased the Grizzly over the Woodmaster is because for the same price I could get a two drum unit. So far so good. Thanks for your reply, Patrick.
I once owned the 24" drum sander. Out of all the Grizzly tools I own, That has been my only disappointment. Three reasons, first the handle broke right off the start. Second, I found the paper difficult to put\keep on. there is a metal clip that holds the paper instead of an adhesive back. And third, though it works well, it's very sensitive. This was 15 yrs ago maybe it's improved.
With regard to an earlier version of this sander, I can back up everything that Steve mentioned. Had all the same problems. Also over ten years ago. It was my first experience with a machine that could sand entire boards so I was pretty excited, then just frustrated. Ran it less than a year and replaced with a used wide belt.
I have the General International 24" dual drum from about 3 years ago. The machine itself is OK, but drum sanders can be VERY sensitive machines. If I had the space I would have gone to a small wide belt. I use it mostly for sanding five piece doors and such. It does what it is supposed to, but you have to pay careful attention to belt speed, how much you are trying to remove and which brand of wrap you are using. Even then you can get a spot that will want to burn on you. Good luck with whatever you decide on.
I purchased the Grizzly and it has been performing well. Thanks for your reply. Patrick
I have owned a 26" Woodmaster for many years. A wonderful machine . Any propblems were of my own making. It took me a while to learn that this sander is not a planer,nuff said.
Just an insight from someone that hears both good and bad about drum sanders from the abrasive supply side of it after the sander purchase has been made...
Go with a drum sander model that uses a plain backing on the abrasive. We've heard many complaints over the years from customers that use a sticky-back PSA abrasive drum sander or a hook-and-loop abrasive drum sander-- from availability of the abrasive strips or rolls, to the backing getting too hot and shifting on the drum, to the higher price point of the abrasives due to the backing. Keep it simple.
Its an off the wall question but I want to sand the bottom of one of my cultured marble urns.(the size of a car battery) I am tired of using an 18" disc and trying to control everything by hand, Would the Grizzly Dual Drum handle this job without kicking the piece out when it was through. I am using 40 grit now because its pretty tough stuff... just trying to get it flat wears me out.

Patrick, I recently bought the Jet 22-44 Oscillating drum sander, and Love it
It performs up to all that I heard and read in reviews. Money well spent!!
I did get the Grizzly and it has been doing well for me with minimal amount of adjusting. We'll see as time goes by. Thanks for your reply, Patrick

IM selling my Steel City duel drum sander for $1950.00 it about a year old with extra added to it.

This sander is the best sander I have owed. I had all the drum sander ever made in my shop and this sander rates the BEST ever. I had the Grizzly sander to many adjustment on the sander and the motor is under power. the bed belt is  cheep it slips and the sander is very poor built .

Im going to up grade to a 50in now from  Wood master I will see how that one works. So If you like to contact me call 314-341-1873 Ask for Bob J  has a 5yr warrenty on this manchine.


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