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Hi, I'm looking for some ideas and suggestions.

Not quite furniture, but hey!  My customer wants beams installed on the existing kitchen ceiling. Pure decorative, no structural function. Construction of ceiling is timber joists with plaster board. My plan is to secure a say, inch thick board (ply/ mdf/) to the ceiling. I'll construct a 'U shaped' hollow box. The open side would slide over the ply/ mdf  'nailer' and nailed in place from the side. Box made of 12mm MDF to keep it light. Will be painted after anyway. 

As always, when setting out the positions of the beams, they don't align with the ceiling joists. If that were the case, it's just a matter of screwing into the joists. As it happens they are somewhere in between two joists. 

My concern and worry is how to fix that bottom plate or nailer securely to the plasterboard. Obviously, I don't want the beam crashing down when the customer is enjoying his diner. Remove a bit of plaster board and fit blocks between the joists seems a lot of work and am not sure if that's needed.Or can I safely use  plaster board fasteners?

How about starting with a 2x1 grid across the joists and screw the base into that? Grid to be covered with 1/4" (bit more) bead board??

Measurement of box would be 4x5. Expressed as weight, approx 1/3 of a full sheet of 12mm MDF.(sorry, that's 1/2" in your money?).

Hopefully,I've explained clearly what the idea is. Any comments, suggestions or experiences, please?

Thanks so very much

Henk Cusveller, Galway,Ireland

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I've been seeing more hollow pieces in shops to be used as ceiling beams.

I've seen both MDF and plywood, with some kind of a wood covering.

The beams are also long enough to be attached at least in part to the walls.  I think that is the idea in what I've seen.

would make life easier!  Have never seen those in this part of the world. I' ve decided to build the beam of planed  buiding grade spruce. Because  of the weight factor. Customer loved the mock up I showed him. Actually prefers it over MDF. It'll work out. Will be installing next week.(and recuperate the  week after). Thanks Karl


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