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There is a new machine that is definitely worth checking out.  

I can fill you in a little on the Pro-Cut 50 since I use one most every day. By design it will cross-cut any board or panel up to 50” wide with excellent accuracy. Because you can cross cut your large panels first, you don’t always need the 18 or 20 running feet you would need for a table saw.

It also works just like a table saw for rip-cutting. It comes with a 50” Aux Side Fence that works like a huge feather board to hold your work piece tight against the fence for smooth and very accurate rip cuts.

It also comes with everything you need to add your router. With the router you can do a wide variety of functions and, the really nice part is, the router is top mounted so you can always see what the router is doing. The machine is designed with clamping rails on both sides that gives you even more flexibility for cutting or routing.

You can make countless jigs because the saw or router moves through the wood in the cross-cut position. You can even use it as a huge miter saw or cut arcs in panels. You also have the ability to kerf cut or pre score the wood prior to cutting to achieve a factory edge even on thin veneer sheets.

The Pro-Cut 50 is a very popular machine and there is generally a waiting list to get a system. At last count is was 4 to 6 weeks. The video link is and the web site is . There is a section for customer projects that are quite impressive.

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