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Does anyone out there have a suggestion on the best way to remove rust from a tablesaw table?and keep it off? It seems like I read once that steel wool and car wax works well but then I was told that the wax will affect finishing. I live in the northwest where we get a lot of rain.

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There's a Canadian company, high quality tools, called Lee Valley Tools, that has a good product. Have a look at this:,4...
Make sure there is no containers of muratic acid anywhere there is steel!
I had a rust problrm for several years, then a friend ask if I had some acid, and I gave it to him to keep.
Rust problem gone---down the street to his shop. When he got rid of it his problem was gone also.
That stuff is bad even with the lid on tight!!!!
Dave. Welcome aboard !!!
I`ve used" top coat " , had good results with that but I don`t have a lot a moisture in my shop either.It stays about 40% humidity.{ acording to my meter } I was also told to use lemon pledge. Great for slipperiness, not as expensive but you may have to use it a little more often !
Steve from Canada !
Remove rust with elbow grease, coat with Penetrol, let that dry and then wax with furniture paste wax once a month. The Penetrol really seals the metal.


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