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We make raised panel cabinet doors here. The process of sanding the profile of the panel is really getting old, and my wrist are about worn out. We've looked at different equipment, and found that solid or (semi-solid) sanding heads require insert tooling to maintain the fit and get a good finished product.
I've looked at some flexable sanding heads that we think will work, and do not require the insert tooling.
We would like some feedback from users before we spend the money.
Thanks, and anything will help!!!
Roger Phipps Sr. / Trinity Crafted Doors Inc. /

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Our Kitchen shop uses a two roll belt sander , it is like a stroke sander, but a lot londer belt. More questions let me know
There are many options, but how much sanding needs to happen? How are you raising the panels now, and can that process be improved to minimize the sanding required? This is where I would be looking first. Minimize the sanding needed and answering your sanding question becomes easier.

We use freeborn cutters,and hand feed the panels so there is controll and less blowouts, They are kept sharp, however the ends need some touchup sanding, so for the stain or finish to be right , we sand all the way around the profile cut of the raised panel.


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