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According to the NKBA, the average cost of a fully remodeled American kitchen is $40,000. Pretty much 100% of $40,000 remodels end up with cabinet lighting as an integral element of the design. So, this is my question: Do you handle the lighting from procurement to installation or do you just leave it up to your electrician?

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I think, if the budget is $40, then there is room for the electrician. I wouldn't expect them to handle the cabinet install, and they're much better (and have all the tricks) equipped to do lighting. Good teamwork is important, and they're likely to remember you when a customer needs a woodworker!
Very true. However, on the other side of the sword is the fact that the new technology makes lighting very easy to install and implement. Then you can pocket the $1000 - $1200 you paid to an electrician to install low quality lights from Home Depot into your beautiful $40,000 kitchen project and not have to deal with the call backs. The electrician is still needed to do the switch controlled outlets that are necessary for a smooth plug and play installation. So, he's still going to go fishing with you on the weekends! = )

Because of two things. One being courtesy, second not being a licensed electrician I rely on electricians to install wiring, lighting and all electrical components. Most jobs take into consideration the lighting layouts above bar areas and inside cabinetry, type of lighting  for cabinetry design, etc. I found that communication works well and as a team effort to do layouts prior to cabinetry installation and what is ahead for them as well as myself when the cabinetry is installed. This also keeps the General Contractor and home owner happy and intern creates a better re pour between two trade people. On occasion if the project is small  I will wire in lighting and components but very seldom. The same applies with plumbing. Wiring in an outlet and having an unknowing electrician flip on a circuit breaker will wake one up trust me.


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