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We here at Trinity Crafted Doors Inc., in Oklahoma City Ok., make only cabinet doors.

This is a two person operation (father and son). We started business in January of 2001.

 It was a hard start up here with several well known, and large companies,

 also smaller onesalready here.

So this was our start!

We looked up every home builder, remodeler, cabinet shop, carpenter, anyone that might use

cabinet doors. We called with a short visit, ask if we could mail them a brochure, and thanked them

for their time.

If they agreed to let me mail them one, We called them about a week later to see if they had recieved it and had any questions. We offered to take them samples and do free job pricing,

not estimates,complete pricing (the time consuming thing).

Slowly the calls came in, and then the work.

We always make sure the customer knows what they are getting.

When we deliver, (WE DELIVER), not someone else, one of us!

We cater to the customer.

Several days after delivery, we contact the person that installed them, just to make sure

everything was right to specs!

Then a call is made to whomever paid for the doors and thanked for their business.

We call past customers with a follow up call in 6 - 8 weeks to check up on the

job and make sure all is well, not just with the doors, rather the entire project.

We make friends with our customers even if it's a one time purchase.

Follow up calls--- good or bad ???

WE belive it is good, to care>

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi, Roger,
Follow up calls are great if you can find the time to do it. They often result in repeat business, or great word-of-mouth advertising. Even a quick follow up is sure to be appreciated by most customers.
Good luck with your shop!


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