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The Economic Policy Institute has launched an interesting new website called The State of Working America. The site is designed to provide academics, policymakers, the media and the public with comprehensive data on the economic condition of working Americans. Its chief feature is a number of charts and graphs that can be sorted by subjects and demographics. For example, I clicked on one graph that charts changes in the workforce by age from 1948 to 2010. It's interesting to see there has been a decline in employment for the 16-24 age group since about 1986 while there is an almost comparable increase in employment for the over 55 age group since about 1992. Are aging Baby Boomers taking away jobs from teens and twenties? The 24-55 age group, which of course dominates the workforce, has remained nearly flat for the same period of time. Not sure what all this means for woodworking, but it is interesting nonetheless.

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